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Summer 2022

✨ Full Moon In Aquarius ✨

🖼 by @mkoby_ “M.I.A (Moon In Aquarius)” ✨

🧭 You may feel the urge to distance yourself from people and be critical of what you perceive to be “negative emotions” today. However, remember that fear, anger, irritability, and the like all serve a purpose. Remember you have the ability to give life sustaining breath to the things you choose, and the ability to be as destructive as a category 5 tornado. You can choose, and all choices come with consequences.

Winter 2021 – Letter from the Editor

Enjoying the Houston Zoo Lights!

While I’m not personally fond of counting the days I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity to celebrate the passage of time while I’m on this plane.

Life beautifully presents itself on a wheel or a spiral, giving us the chance to repeat and improve.

That wheel can quickly become a hamster wheel when we lose our joy, and when, despite all our physical accomplishments and successes, we’re not experiencing any spiritual growth.

And when each revolution becomes a tool for spiritual expansion and ascension, I believe it also becomes a beautiful vehicle for celebration.

Because life is beautiful and should be celebrated while you are still alive! 🎉 🥂

I hope you create a life that not just looks good, but honestly feels good- is authentic, filled with integrity, aligned to your Highest Purpose, and allows for you to embody your sovereignty.

May your days be filled with peace, love, and so much joy that it overflows and transforms everything and everyone you touch.

May this calendar year be your best year yet.

With Love,

Fall 2021

Asa-Mari Z. – Soul Doula

Today is World Mental Health Day. This is my story.

My name is Asa-Mari. I’m a mother, wife, best friend, personal development expert, writer, baker, crafter, gardener, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. I’ve also struggled with depression, anxiety, mania and PTSD over the course of my lifetime. The majority of my childhood and young adult life was rooted in chaos. Poverty, physical, verbal, emotional, sexual abuse, and homelessness shaped the way I perceived myself and the world around me. I attempted suicide a few times, but I am still here.

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