Intuitive Energy Readings

May your heart be as light as a feather. ~ Laws of Ma’at.

Personalized spiritual guidance on a situation of your choice; single question only (relationship, finances, career moves etc.) based on where you are now, and what the universe is guiding you to work through to get to where you are going.

Emailed transcripts are available for an additional $15 USD. 

Personalized Pathway Reading & Navigation

This is one of the tools I created to help me move from feeling stuck into being able to manifest my dreams on a yearly basis, and have been using for the past 8 years with increasingly abundant results. .

You have the power to manifest the future you desire.

With 10 years of faithful practice I can tell you that it’s worked for me. I’d love to share my process with you to help you gain clarity, too.

My Personal Path™ is a numerology based system of words I designed back in 2012 to help myself focus throughout the year so I could manifest the life I desire. Following My Personal Path™ has allowed me to gain clarity over my thought processes, emotions, and plan of action. When I created my path, I was able to divine almost 10 years ahead to get to where I am today.

An Example Of Your Personalized Manifestation Guide

You will receive:

  • one guided meditation session,
  • one consultation session, and
  • a curated personal path delivered by PDF that is unique and specific, tailored only to you.

Information for your Personal Manifestation Guide comes from both the guided meditation and consultation sessions.

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