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WO2H2O- The Upper Room

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, WO2H2O stands for: “(W)ine Out Of (“O”x 2) Water (H2O)”.

If you’re a science nerd like me, I think you’ll appreciate that! 

The Upper Room was the place the disciples went to pray. It was where they had The Last Supper, where they received instruction and anointing for their future.

My hope is to create a safe spaces to facilitate growth, learning & healing; to call forth greatness, and to encourage you to exercise your faith in ways you have never dreamed of.  

I know we can all turn our water into wine. Let’s turn those wastelands into blessed oases, shall we? 

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Coming soon- WO2H2O via Slack! – receive individual & group coaching in a more private and intimate setting as you work through obstacles and celebrate successes!

Asa-Mari did a reading for me, and it couldn’t have been more spot on! Now that I’ve gotten confirmation, I’ve got to Do The Thing I’ve been second-guessing myself about! Thank you, Asa!

Michelle M., NYC

My experience was incredible. I encourage you to get your reading! It was so on point!

Lango F., MD

With Asa I was able to genuinely smile and feel a sense of calm because with her chat and coaching I was able to grab a sense of clarity as to what to do for myself before I can continue to help others in my life as well.

Elizabeth T., LA

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