Coaching Services to facilitate healing, stability, and well being

Clarity Coaching Check In / Consultation

A 30 minute check in regarding one specific issue to gain clarity of mind, and provide guidance for possible next steps.

Ideal for one-time crisis situations, and when you are trying to discover which coaching package best suits your needs. 

During the session, we will discuss your concerns and develop an individualized plan of action.

Post session, you will receive an electronic copy of your individualized plan including recommendations and referrals.

Duration: 30 minutes; $12

Full Clarity Coaching Session (individuals & families)

Guided meditation, personalized, focused lessons with printable materials provided.

  • Price is per session, and can be ordered as a series to meet individual needs.
  • Duration: 1 hour ; $55

From Crisis To Clarity™

From Crisis To Clarity™  will take you from the storm to the rainbow, and help you focus in such a way that you will be able to face any storm that life sends your way with calm and happy confidence! 

Work one-on-one with Asa-Mari over the course of 12 weeks as you walk through your present crisis to identify barriers, correct your mindset, problem solve and connect with resources so you can thrive.

Move from crisis to clarity by receiving individualized support, access to community agency resources, and positively life-altering materials that you will be able to use after you have completed the course to achieve personal success.

Available for individuals and groups.

Individual cost- $555 (group rates available by consultation)

40-Day Intensive Clarity Coaching  

This is an intensive, accelerated, personal development journey.

This includes:

  • weekly 45-minute group session,
  • printable work materials,
  • bi-weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions during and
  • weekly 30-minute individual sessions for 12 weeks after group concludes. 

Available for individuals and groups.

Individual cost- $333 (group rates available by consultation)

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