The Women Who Helped Me (Part 2)

Now that we were fully in the digital world due to the pandemic, I realized I needed to learn to use the tools of my trade, and use them well. Social Media was my friend, but there were days it could feel like a stranger, too. Now I was tasked with navigating the business sideContinue reading “The Women Who Helped Me (Part 2)”

Fall 2021 – thoughts of a goddess

I’m going to be fully transparent here: I was having so much fun at the Fall Equinox that I didn’t really spend any time journaling about it like I usually do! Personally, I had a LOT to celebrate, and was super excited to be moving into my favorite time of year- SUPER CELEBRATION TIME! ThisContinue reading “Fall 2021 – thoughts of a goddess”

November 2021- New Moon In Scorpio: Create Your World, Creator

with an intense drive to succeed, the energy to put in the effort required, and the passion to sustain it all. Don’t be afraid of how overwhelming it may all feel. That intense pressure is not a bad thing- it’s simply the universe pushing you in the direction you desire.

Today is World Mental Health Day. This is my story.

My name is Asa-Mari. I’m a mother, wife, best friend, personal development expert, writer, baker, crafter, gardener, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. I’ve also struggled with depression, anxiety, mania and PTSD over the course of my lifetime. The majority of my childhood and young adult life was rooted in chaos. Poverty, physical, verbal, emotional, sexual abuse, andContinue reading “Today is World Mental Health Day. This is my story.”

October 2021- New Moon In Libra: Cheers to New Beginnings!

New Moon in Libra. Pluto goes direct. The Sun, Mercury (Rx), and Mars are also in Libra. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, North & South Nodes, and Chiron are also in retrograde. The time for shadow work and healing is now. Recognizing the self imposed limitations that are hindering our growth while simultaneously planting the seedsContinue reading “October 2021- New Moon In Libra: Cheers to New Beginnings!”

February 2021- Full Moon In Virgo: What To Expect

Mercury in Aquarius has gone direct, so if you’ve been having a difficult time expressing concerns or being heard you should find some relief now. We are still in the shadow period (for the next 10 days), so it may not exactly be smooth sailing right away but things should sort themselves out and beginContinue reading “February 2021- Full Moon In Virgo: What To Expect”

How the Root and Throat Chakra Work Together

Mars moves into Gemini today and it’s the perfect time to bring awareness to your throat chakra. The throat chakra is our communication center and can help us express ourselves, connect with our truth, and share our wisdom with the world. Blockages in this area can manifest as feeling “tongue-tied”, a fear of speaking up,Continue reading “How the Root and Throat Chakra Work Together”