About Us

Asa-Mari is made of Coconut Oil, Star Dust, and Dope Vibes. 100% verified fact.

Asa-Mari is a mental health paraprofessional, and the founder of Wine Out Of Water a Personal Development, Clarity Coaching, & Spiritual Wellness Service

With a decade of experience in Human Services and Social Work, Asa-Mari deeply understands what you need for personal growth, healing, and emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. She coaches individuals to find the greatness within themselves, and to navigate personal crises with calm and confidence. Asa-Mari is experienced working with individuals transitioning from homelessness and incarceration, to those living in supported environments concerning mental health, living with HIV, and alcohol / substance abuse.

Working with Asa-Mari will give you the heart-to-heart connection you need to self-heal, create a plan of action, and feel empowered to move forward with a new lease on life.

Clarity Coaching Is For You If You’re:

  • feeling stuck, unsure, or simply in need of a push
  • going through personal or professional struggles and don’t know how to begin to move forward 
  • unsure how to get out of cyclical patterns of behavior that are preventing you from living your best life.

If you’ve identified with any of those feelings, Wine Out Of Water is for you!

Spring Healing Circle in Houston, TX

Using a multi-modal approach including experience in mental health crisis coaching and understanding of psychology and sociology, combined with understanding of astrological, metaphysical, and philosophical principles, we:

  • explore our psyche,
  • expand our understanding of ourselves in relation to ourselves and the collective.
  • move past crisis thinking and crisis decision-making,
  • experience healing, and begin to thrive.

Wine Out Of Water was born out of the idea that we are all miracle makers- that we all have the power to turn water into wine.

This practice is dedicated to finding the extraordinary in the sacred ordinary, and turning barren spaces into blessed oases.

What Is Clarity Coaching?

Clarity Coaching is the process of creating safe spaces in order to facilitate self-healing, sensitivity and emotional intelligence training, and helping people get to a place of clarity and healing by leading them through uniquely designed heart-work and self realization.

Watch this video: I explain “What Is Clarity Coaching?”

What is Clarity Coaching and Who Is It For?

Let’s be honest- I’ve been there. 

I know exactly what it feels like to simply want to live your BEST life, while simultaneously feeling stuck and struggling to discover your purpose. So what’s next? 

What if all you’ve been missing is strategic planning, clarity, and accountability? 

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