Full Moon In Aquarius

🧭 Allow your emotions to be your compass, not a ruler. 📏

Like Ganymede, the water bearer, we are being elevated to serve in trustworthy positions, as stewards charged to protect the integrity of the kingdoms we create.

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is also in Aquarius at this time, and as the natal ruler of the 11th house this has a synergistic effect on current feelings of awakening and spiritual awareness.

If you’re feeling like everything is breaking down around you, do not despair. A seed hidden in good soil must fall apart in order for it to become a tree. Allow yourself to fall apart knowing that good things are coming together.

If you’re more aware today of how you’re being perceived by others, allow this divine insight to facilitate personal growth and development.

Very seldom are we privy to the true thoughts and feelings of others, and though the truth may not be pretty, know that this knowledge is not meant to tear you down with the purpose of destroying you.

You’re being afforded an opportunity to see your reflection beyond the veil so that you can do the work to become the person you’ve told the universe you desire to become.

Despite feelings of chaos or unpredictability the tools and resources you need for your journey have already been given to you.

As with all Full Moons, be cognizant of releasing any thing, person, habit, or place that no longer serves you, not out of anger or fear but out of gratitude.

Doing so with honor allows you to create a high vibration to attract what you desire in the following weeks.

You may feel the urge to distance yourself from people and be critical of what you perceive to be “negative emotions” today. However, remember that fear, anger, irritability, and the like all serve a purpose. Remember you have the ability to give life sustaining breath to the things you choose, and the ability to be as destructive as a category 5 tornado.

You can choose, and all choices come with consequences.

Allow your emotions to inform you of where you are in relation to where you want to be.

Try not to use your emotions as a ruler with which to judge yourself or others.

💛 Remember that holy curiosity is better than ignorant judgment. Ask questions, seek answers, and you will be well on your way to manifesting abundance and good fortune.

💫 Resist the urge to bypass unpleasant feelings by distracting yourself from them. Pretending not to feel, repressing your feelings, gaslighting yourself with platitudes, or making excuses for your behavior will not work here and you will find yourself right back in this space shortly even if it feels good in the moment.

⚖️ Choose wisdom over comfort. Remember that the universe is conspiring with you to help you, and not to harm you.

You have permission to succeed. 💛💫⚖️


  • Where is Uranus in my natal chart?
  • Where is Aquarius in my natal chart?
  • Am I feeling/perceiving negative/negativity today?
    • Where/What is the root of these emotions? (Consider the source carefully. Divine insight and discernment is always the key!)
    • What are these emotions trying to tell me?
  • What next steps can I take to allow myself to transition into the Highest version of myself?

🖼 by @mkoby_ “M.I.A (Moon In Aquarius)” ✨

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