November 2021- New Moon In Scorpio: Create Your World, Creator

This New Moon is the perfect start to what I like to call ‘manifesting season’.

New Moon In Scorpio

There’s a reason I start my New Year on November 1 each year. This year, the stars align perfectly to get us all fired up for change, growth, and getting in alignment with our highest selves.

Sun, Moon, and Mars in Scorpio has us all feeling fired up and off to the races, fueled with an intense drive to succeed, the energy to put in the effort required, and the passion to sustain it all. Don’t be afraid of how overwhelming it may all feel. That intense pressure is not a bad thing- it’s simply the universe pushing you in the direction you desire.

Be cautious of acting impulsively. Rather than being swept away by these waves of emotion, carve out time to journal your thoughts and create an action plan complete with intentions and affirmations to carry you through. Remember to start with the end in mind, and plan your steps according to the path you wish to take.

Uranus, Pisces, the Nodes, and Chiron are also all in retrograde. This can add to the overwhelm as we experience the discomfort of illusions being stripped away from us in real time. Please know that broken bonds and uncovered truths are not meant to hurt you, but to help refine your character by stripping away illusions that have been holding you back from the things you claim to want. Lean into the discomfort for your own benefit and allow it to alchemize you into the highest version of you. Think of the refining fire– if you will persevere, the dross will melt away and all that remains is gold!

Try this: When it gets tough, challenge yourself to change your perspective; look for the breakthrough!

Mercury in Libra reminds us to be diplomatic in our use of language at this time. Feel encouraged to speak what you wish to see. Instead of focusing on what’s not going well or on the unpleasant feelings, use your words to create the world you desire.

Sometimes the new world finds us, and sometimes we are responsible for creating it ourselves. This New Moon calls forth the Creator in all of us.

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