February 2021- Full Moon In Virgo: What To Expect

Mercury in Aquarius has gone direct, so if you’ve been having a difficult time expressing concerns or being heard you should find some relief now. We are still in the shadow period (for the next 10 days), so it may not exactly be smooth sailing right away but things should sort themselves out and begin to feel lighter in the upcoming days and weeks ahead.

Full Moon in Virgo is next Saturday, 2/27. Now is the time to start looking at what you’ve been able to accomplish in the last lunar cycle, and create your affirmations for the next harvest.

Virgo energy, while famous for its insistence on cleanliness and beauty, is also very grounded. The themes here are discipline, self control, and orienting yourself in reality.

The purge will focus on removing the thoughts and habits that continue to allow you to operate in your own self imposed fantasy that ultimately do more harm than good.

To assist you in this journey, the first of three Saturn square Uranus placements for this year provides synergy to this dynamic.

The ultimate goal is to allow you to see your Highest Self with crystal clarity, and provide you with the tools you need to manifest that version of yourself.

Are you journaling yet? If so- great! If not, get started.

If you need assistance with understanding these energies or how to maneuver and plan through them please Book A Service or Schedule A Consultation– I’m here to help!

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